Montessori Summer Camp Programs

Montessori Summer Camp is filled with exploration of each sort! From art to sports and games to scholarly work in our Montessori classrooms, there is always something fun going on at summer camp.
Children develop their confidence and opportunity as they learn with Montessori materials, introduced by qualified teachers, and investigate all that our excellent four-section of wooded campus provides.

Montessori School offers year-round programs because we trust it's essential to give kids nonstop learning chances during what Dr. Montessori called the “sensitive periods” ­of early life ­when the foundation for the whole personality is being formed.
During summer camp, children cover aspects of the regular Montessori curriculum, learning basic facts related to the theme of the week and exploring the topic through projects.
In the summer camp timetable, there’s lot of time to play in the shaded playground during the early hours of the day when it’s relatively cool. Many of the activities centered on the weekly theme take place in the classroom during the heat of the day.
Our programs are inspired by the Montessori approach. The toddler and preschool curriculum includes theme based programming, focused art classes, an emphasis on practical life skills and extended outdoor exploration. Aspects of the Montessori academic experience from which elementary and middle school students will benefit include independent work choices, respect and care for social relationships and advanced practical life skills.
Our Montessori presents experiential learning opportunities on campus and in the community during summer breaks. Sessions, led by trained MMS faculty with both camp and classroom experience, include specialty and theme week events, with tracks from 18 months to 6 years of age children.
The focus of the summer camp is to broaden the learning horizon and have summer fun doing it!

Highlights of Firm Foundation Summer Camp include Short movie, Free Play, Coloring, Potter’s Wheel, puppet Show Healthy Snacks and much more!

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